Breaking: Congressman Bergman Leaves Chief Craig, Endorses Perry Johnson For Governor

Today, Rep. Jack Bergman from Northern Michigan’s 1st District backed “Quality Guru” Perry Johnson for Governor. Bergman had supported Chief Craig.
“While I respect Chief Craig’s service, I can no longer in good faith extend my support to a candidate’s campaign that continues to neglect our grassroots across the First District and has ignored campaigning in Northern Michigan and the U.P. in favor of a self proclaimed Detroit-centric approach,” Bergman said in a statement. “In contrast, Perry Johnson has invested in a quality campaign structure – already focused heavily on the First District. In less than two months of campaigning, he is building one of the most impressive grassroots campaigns I’ve seen, and has earned my support and full endorsement.”
Bergman says it’s time to send Whitmer home.
“The most important objective for Michigan conservatives in November is winning back the Governor’s mansion and sending Governor Whitmer and her terrible policies packing,” Bergman said. “We can’t meet this objective without a candidate who is willing to go anywhere in the state with his conservative message and fight for every single vote.” 
Bergman praised Johnson’s full-spectrum conservative approach to government.
“Perry is strong on re-building our energy infrastructure and will fight to complete the Great Lakes Tunnel. He will work to protect our Great Lakes and natural resources, and unashamedly will fight for our small businesses, our Second Amendment rights, and our future,” Bergman said. “Perry Johnson can win in November – I’m proud to join him both on the campaign trail and in the fight for the soul of our state.”
Join Perry Johnson and Congressman Bergman at the Park Place Hotel for a meet and greet in Traverse City on Tuesday, April 26th at 8:00 AM! (Please RSVP to [email protected])
Perry Johnson is a full-spectrum conservative: a social conservative, a fiscal conservative, and an “America First” conservative. 
Read more about Perry’s conservative views HERE.
Perry Johnson, the “Quality Guru” and Constitutionally Conservative, Trump Republican who helped revolutionize America’s auto industry in the 80’s, has turned the Michigan Governor’s race upside down since the launch of his campaign earlier this year.