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Announcement Letter

My message is really quite simple. Can you think of anything more in need of quality than state government?

The politicians have failed us in providing any real level of quality for our hard earned tax dollars. Meanwhile they announce billions and billions more in additional spending, acting as if government is a contest over who can spend the most money.

They don’t seem to live in the real world. They don’t get it. Throwing more money at a flawed and inefficient government bureaucracy isn’t going to solve our problems.

The three main factors for any family or business when evaluating the purchase of a product are need, price, and quality. Why do politicians only talk about need and price? Why doesn’t anyone talk about quality?

Politicians focus on how much money they want to spend but totally ignore the quality of government and services that are providing for that money. As a result, seniors are put into nursing homes with COVID, and deaths are undercounted by thousands. Fraud and incompetence lead to $8.6 billion in losses to the unemployment fund. The Department of Transportation keeps spending more billions but the darn roads don’t get fixed. The state has yet another water crisis, this time in Benton Harbor. And our kids are still masked at school. More money won’t solve these types of problems. A relentless pursuit of quality in government is the only real solution.

I have dedicated my life to improving quality in many industries, most famously manufacturing and automotive. In fact, I’ve written multiple books on quality and I’ve worked with thousands of companies to convince them of the importance of improving quality using statistics.

Remember back to the 1980’s when the American auto industry was losing market share to the Japanese. They were killing us in quality. Our automotive industry needed to dramatically improve so they started employing statistical methods, analyzing every element of the operation. They developed standards and metrics. They knew they had the best auto workers and executives in the world and gave them tools that allowed them to take advantage of all this talent. I was fortunate enough to be part of this initiative and it was not long before we were producing the best cars in the world again.

A relentless pursuit of quality has improved every aspect of American life; including manufacturing, farming, investing, and even sports. Every aspect, it seems, other than state government. Anyone paying attention knows Lansing could use a healthy dose of quality these days.

Politicians shouldn’t get a pass on being held accountable for the quality of services that the government provides. And higher quality means less taxes and spending. Michiganders deserve better, demand better, and will have much better government by following the lead of business and sports and using statistical methods in the relentless pursuit of quality. That is why I am running for Governor.


Perry Johnson

Quality Guru – Candidate for Governor